Monday, October 20, 2008

FYP ku....

@ PROTON Holdings Berhad

The following performance criteria should be initiated to achieve a reduction in cycle time:

  • > Thoroughly train key personnel in all aspects of cycle time reduction and quick response.
  • > Quantify the business impact of cycle time reduction and quick response.
  • > Organize and train multi-functional teams to shorten cycle time for all manufacturing, non-manufacturing and administrative processes.
  • > Map all supply chain processes, clearly identifying value added and non-value added activities, bottleneck, queues, cycle times, etc.
  • > Specifically define the barriers preventing you from achieving reductions in cycle time, and have an action plan to remove these barriers.
  • > Actively work with key vendors to achieve mutually agreed upon goals for cycle time reduction.
  • > Reduce lot sizes, changeover times and queues in all areas.
  • > Heavily weigh primary performance measurements and reward systems toward fast, on-time customer response.
  • > Precisely predict your delivery leadtime for customers and/or replenish inventories.
  • > Ensure that leadtimes are equal to or less than what your customers need and want.

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